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Practicing since 1995, we have been providing affordable online services across Canada. Knowledgeable, experienced, goal oriented, diverse and empathic. Virtual provides fast, confidential and convenient coverage.

Sessions available from Monday morning through Thursday evening

Topics that I work with


  • Pre-marital
  • Pre-cohabitation
  • Prevention of divorce -relationship maintenance
  • Couples conflict resolution skills
  • Separation counselling


  • With partners, friendships, love relationships and at work

Relationships with others

  • Loneliness and self confidence

Anger management-frustration control

  • Includes a letter for the court or your lawyer



Emotional Support Animal Letters

  • For travel, or companion aide of your emotional support dog, cat or other animal
  • I am a retired veterinarian assistant and now a Masters level therapist with degrees in psychology.

Financial management

  • Investing
  • Consultations
  • Real estate investing

Anxiety and Panic

Stress management

  • Assessment document often completed in the first or second session


Cognitive behavioral therapy

Short term solution focused


Virtual-various formats


Texting services from across Canada

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